Nvidia Maxine: AI-powered features in video conferencing

NVIDIA MAXINE Cloud-AI Video-Streaming Platform Apply for Early Access Video conferencing features powered by NVIDIA Maxine and NVIDIA Tensor Core GPUs. NVIDIA Maxine is a fully accelerated platform for developers to build and deploy AI-powered features i… Read more


PAIR – People+AI Research Initiative

The past few years have seen rapid advances in machine learning, with new technologies achieving dramatic improvements in technical performance. But we can go beyond optimizing objective functions. By building AI systems with users in mind from the ground... (more…)

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The AI-Box Experiment

<p>When we build AI, why not just keep it in sealed hardware that can’t affect the outside world in any way except through one communications channel with the original programmers?<br />  That way it couldn’t get out until we were convinced it... (more…)

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