Node Centrality: Degree, Closeness, and Betweenness Centrality

To understand the structure of a network, it is often useful to identify which nodes play the most important roles or are best placed within the network, and to quantify how central they are. Centrality measures and other graph metrics are often used as f… Read more


How to Reduce Node Docker Image Size by 10x

Dockerizing an application is simple, effective, but optimizing the size of Docker Image is the tricky part. Docker is easy to use but once the application starts scaling, the image size inflates exponentially. In general, the node docker image size of th... (more…)

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Node.js Writable Streams Distilled

Try to think about Node.js writable stream as about producer-consumer system. There are a queue and a background process consuming it. When the queue is full, a hint about backpressure need will be sent to the producer. Check out the dynamic model visuali... (more…)

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