Nix-doom-Emacs-unstraightened: Doom Emacs using Nix

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Contributing to Emacs

I recently contributed a new Elisp function to the "Files" API of upstream Emacs. Being more than just a typo fix, this threw me into the deepend of their entire dev process. This article explains their mailing-list-based workflow from start to finish in ... (more…)

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My Custom Emacs Setup

It seems to be widely accepted that creating a powerful, useful Emacs setup "by hand" is just too much trouble, and you should choose a "distro" like Doom Emacs. But is it really all so bad? If you go the route of "hand-made", will you suffer through... (more…)

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I have been a loyal Vim user since, well, I don't even remember any longer. Over the years, I tried other editors, but Vim commands and keyboard shortcuts are second nature to me, so much so that I ended up doing :w every time I wanted to save in another ... (more…)

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Peek definition with Emacs frame

In many IDEs, peek definition is a feature that opens a definition (of a function, a class, a symbol, etc) in a popup window without leaving the current buffer. Most of the time, jumping into a definition, then jump back, is enough, so why bother leaving... (more…)

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