My First Python Package: Img2sh, show your images on shell

Img2shHello there, In this post, I want to tell a brief story of how I have created a tool named img2sh. It is also my first python package which is published over PyPI. In this very post, I will try… Read more


Getting Started with Python Right

I've gone through a gazillion ways to setup Python, ensure I've gotten the right version installed on MacOS. This is a quick guide I've put together if you're getting started or looking at a more defacto set way to get it installed. I've added links for L... (more…)

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PHP vs. Python vs. Ruby in 2017

PHP or Python or Ruby-on-Rails (RoR): which is the best programming language for web app development in 2017? This is one of the most debated questions among web programmers, students and companies (wanted to develop their website). Actually, every langua... (more…)

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