Mixing C# and Rust – Interop

This is the 3rd part of my series about writing a Rust compiler backend targeting .NET… Read more


Rust Programs Written in Rust

mustang is a system for writing Rust programs entirely in Rust, meaning they don't use libc, crt1.o, or any C code. It's experimental, but it's complete enough to run a std-using Hello World and other simple programs on Linux on x86-64, x86, and aarch64. (more…)

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Writing a prometheus MPD exporter (in Rust)

Today, I challenged myself to write a prometheus exporter for MPD in Rust. Shut up and show me the code! Here you go and here you go for submitting patches. The challenge I recently started monitoring my server with prometheus and grafana. I am no-way a... (more…)

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