Minimal Rust containers on ARMv7

Hey guys, I made a thing! I call it RoaaR, you can see it here: Lately I have been playing around and trying to learn the rust language, but it gets really annoying having to include all the rust toolchain and pus…


A Geometric Rust Adventure

Hi. Yes. Sorry. I’ve been trying to write this post for ages, but I’ve also been working on a huge writing project, and apparently I have a very limited amount of writing mana at my disposal. I think this is supposed to be a Patreon reward from Januar... (more…)

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Why Dark didn’t choose Rust

With the election in the state it is, I'm going to stop pretending that I can do work right now. So instead, I'll just milk the success of my last two posts and hope that none of you are really working right now either. As discussed in the two previous... (more…)

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