Microsoft announces third IoT and AI Insider Lab in Munich

Weltweit drittes Microsoft IoT (Internet of Things) & AI (Artificial Intelligence) Insider Lab nach Redmond, USA und Shenzhen, China Förderung von „Internet of Things (IoT)“- und „Künstlicher Intelligenz (KI)“-Projekten in EMEA von der Ideenfindung bi… Read more


If Only AI Could Save Us from Ourselves

Google has an ambitious plan to use artificial intelligence to weed out abusive comments and defang online mobs. The technology isn’t up to that challenge—but it will help the Internet’s best-behaving communities function better.

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A Berkeley View of Systems Challenges for AI

With the increasing commoditization of computer vision, speech recognition and machine translation systems and the widespread deployment of learning-based back-end technologies such as digital advertising and intelligent infrastructures, AI (Artificial In... (more…)

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AI and the Chasm of Comprehension

Last year, Google's AI AlphaGo beat Korean Lee Sedol in Go, a game many expected humans to continue to dominate for years, if not decades, to come. With the 37th move in the match’s second game, AlphaGo landed a surprise on the right-hand si... (more…)

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