MEPs approve first comprehensive AI law

The EU’s AI Act seeks to counter the risks associated with the rapidly growing AI sector. Read more


Block AI training on a web site

I’m going to start with a warning. You can’t completely block “AI” training from a web site. Underground AI will always get through, and it might turn out that the future of AI-based infringement is bot accounts so that the sites that profit from it can j... (more…)

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How to build AI that helps creatives

These days you see a good deal of writing about AI algorithms that ostensibly perform creative tasks, like writing poetry or producing visual artwork. This is not one of those posts.  I believe in a vision of AI that augments human creative work, rather t... (more…)

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AI Is Going to Change the 80/20 Rule

Many high-performance organizations remain passionate about Vilfredo Pareto, the incisive Italian engineer and economist. They continue to be inspired by his 80/20 principle, the idea that 80% of effects (sales, revenue, etc.) come from 20% of causes (pro... (more…)

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