Memoizit – a Python memoize library for legacy code

A memoize library which can be used standalone, or plugged into key/value stores such as redis. Also contains functionality to invalidate cache based on function name and arguments. – GitHub – blix… Read more


The Case Against Python 3

This document serves as a collection of reasons why beginners should avoid Python 3 as of November 22nd, 2016. I give two sets of reasons as I see them now. One for total beginners, and another for people who are more knowledgeable about programming. Th...

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Summon the JSON: Python Released

Have fun playing a card game and learn Python! STJ: Python will help you learn to program while having fun at the same time Pre-sell is open Pre-sell for Summon The JSON is open. It is the second language Summon The JSON deck is available for, after JavaS... (more…)

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