Math with distances in Rust: safety and correctness across units

Summary: Computers weren’t designed to have outside concepts, such as units of length, expressed in their function.
Because of this Rust, being a systems language, also has no concept of it.
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The pain of learning Rust

I recently saw several posts from ESR discussing his attempts to learn Rust, for use in rewriting NTPsec: “Rust vs. Go” and “Rust severely disappoints me”, as well as “Rust and the limits of swarm design”. These posts gave me the incentive to...

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Rust Tokio Podcast Interview

In this podcast episode of Security Headlines: Carl Lerche, Rust developer and maintainer of the popular Rust programming library Tokio joins us. He walks us through what Rust and Tokio is, how companies are building their stacks with Rust. This and a lot... (more…)

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