Mapping React Hooks to Svelte

React hook examples ported to Svelte. Contribute to joshnuss/react-hooks-in-svelte development by creating an account on GitHub. Read more


My first book The Practical React Native

The Practical React Native, a book for a beginner to intermediate level React Native developers, will guide you to build a simple app that serves post from WordPress API. It covers essential topics in the React Native development cycle such as React Hook,... (more…)

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Flutter life-cycle cheatsheet for React devs

I struggled a lot with the flutter life-cycle methods when I started with this framework, I came from React Native development and I was still thinking in class components, where do I place my state? WHERE ARE THE PROPS, HOW DO I UPDATE STUFF and all of t... (more…)

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React XSS Protection

Although I never set out to write a ‘React XSS Cheat sheet’, this blog for some reason is the third Google hit for this term. In fact when I started digging into website analytics I found there are some really interesting backlinks going on. This Avast fo... (more…)

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