LSP, haskell-mode, landscape of tooling in the Haskell Universe for Emacs

The tooling landscape for text editors has gotten pretty interesting in these years with the advent of VS Code. Yes it is the text editor released by Microsoft and yes it runs on electron. What has it changed in the landscape of tooling for languages you … Read more


Emacs and OCaml on iPad

  Proof of concept of a graphical port of Emacs to the Apple IPad Shown below is a native ARM-APPLE-DARWIN port of the Emacs code editor to the Apple IPad as well as its implementation as an O… (more…)

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Using Emacs 63 with ClojureScript

I've been playing with ClojureScipt for my web projects recently and really like it. Much more fun than any of the JavaScript frameworks I've used. Still, getting started was somewhat difficult due to the number of options in tooling and uneven documentat... (more…)

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Who Cares about Emacs

GNU Emacs isn't the oldest interactive text editor for Unix—it's predated (at least) by the Vi editor—nor is it the only Emacs in existence. However, it's surely the most popular Emacs and one of the best editors available on POSIX. (more…)

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