Lisp Programming in Vim with Slimv or Vlime

Fifteen years ago, writing Lisp code in Vim was an odd adventure. There
were no good plugins for Vim that assisted in structured editing of Lisp
s-expressions or allowed interactive programming by embedding a Lisp
Read-Eval-Print-Loop (REPL) or a debugge… Read more


How I Teach vim

The positive response to my post about “Why I Teach vim” has been extremely appreciated and the most common question I have received is “OK, but how do you teach vim? This is a mu… (more…)

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Better yml editing in vanilla Vim

Recently, I was taking an online course in preparation for the Kubernetes exam. In the labs I had an broken Kubernetes configuration which I needed to fix only by editing it using Vim. Every time the lab started the environment was created from scratch an... (more…)

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