LightKone Research Consortium Using Erlang to Manage Edge Data in IoT

As the number of connected devices grow, so to does the challenge of managing the data that they produce. Learn how an exciting new Erlang / OTP project is helping to make IoT edge computing architecture and data management easier. Read more


Erudite Erlang

This October, I had the opportunity to learn Erlang at a pre-conference workshop – Deep Dive into Erlang Ecosystem by Robert Virding, one of the co-creators of the language during Functional …

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Erlang/Elixir Syntax: A Crash Course

This is a quick introduction to the Elixir syntax for Erlang developers and vice-versa. It is the absolute minimum amount of knowledge you need in order to understand Elixir/Erlang code, support interoperability, read the docs, sample code, etc. (more…)

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