Lambeq: An Efficient High-Level Python Library for Quantum NLP [pdf]

We present lambeq, the first high-level Python library for Quantum Natural
Language Processing (QNLP). The open-source toolkit offers a detailed hierarchy
of modules and classes implementing all stages of a pipeline for converting
sentences to string diag… Read more


Faster Python with Go shared objects

There's no two ways about it, Python is slow. I felt this in particular when exploring how to sanitize potentially malicious HTML content in the CTFd content editor. The two options for sanitizing/processing HTML in Python both have some tradeoffs: Poorl... (more…)

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Python’s for Loop Explained

Have you ever thought about how the for loop is implemented in Python? I always thought it would iterate over all elements in the sequence, like it does, but that first it would query the sequence to know its length and then request that many elements. Tu... (more…)

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