Kubernetes is deprecating Docker: what you need to know

Kubernetes is Deprecating Docker?! For some time now, it seems that when people think of containers, they think of Docker and Kubernetes. Docker has been the big name when it comes to building and running containers, and Kubernetes has been the big name w… Read more


Why I use tools like Docker and Flatpak

I admit it, I am a big fan of pre-packaged software. Software that I simply set up by typing a single command or just adding a few lines to my existing configuration. I like simplicity and this kind of software makes things a lot easier and lets one focus... (more…)

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From Docker Straight to AWS

Just about six years ago to the day Docker hit the first milestone for Docker Compose, a simple way to layout your containers and their connections. A talks to B, B talks to C, and C is a database. Fast forward six years and the container ecosystem has be... (more…)

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