Koffi – Nearly Zero Overhead FFI for Node.js

Fast and simple FFI (foreign function interface) for Node.js. Latest version: 1.0.5, last published: 2 days ago. Start using koffi in your project by running `npm i koffi`. There is 1 other project in the npm registry using koffi. Read more


Simple hello world with Node and Express

Sometimes, when you are picking up a new piece of tech it’s hard to get started in it, since some of the things can be quite different to what you are used. The following article and the one that will follow are meant to provide as straightforward solutio... (more…)

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Best practices for Node developers [audio]

Node.js development began a bit like the Wild West, but over time idioms, anti-patterns, and best practices have emerged. Yoni Goldberg’s Node Best Practices repo on GitHub collects, documents, and explains the best practices for Node developers. On this ... (more…)

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