JavaScript vs. Java – Differences, Similarities, and History

By @wagslane (twitter) JavaScript and Java confuse many new programmers. They sound so similar, so one might think they have the same use-cases, or perhaps the same company created both languages. Neither of those hypotheses is true! Let’s go over the dif… Read more


Clean Code Applied to JavaScript

Many developers think that comments are good practices while others think totally the opposite, that is, to apply comments are bad practices. Sorry to tell you that there are no absolute rules, everything depends on the case. The truth is that there are a... (more…)

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Eloquent JavaScript, 3rd edition

I'm writing a 3rd edition of my freely available book, Eloquent JavaScript. It'll modernize and further improve the book. Writing is a lot of work, and I know a lot of people appreciate this work, so I hope some of you are interested in chipping in some m... (more…)

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