JavaScript Scope Fundamentals with Tom and Jerry

Welcome to another post of the series, JavaScript: Cracking the Nuts. This series is all about visiting JavaScript fundamental concepts with greater details. In this article, I am going to explain another important concept called, Scope…. Read more


How to Become a JavaScript Ninja

Living in a world which is becoming more and more visually dependent, from selecting the right gift on Amazon to the right match on Tinder, coders are the creators of magic. Just like Leonardo and Michelangelo spilled color on the way we see the worl... (more…)

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Stop Pushing JavaScript

I'm gonna say it straight out: Frontend developers are breaking the Internet! They have been stricken with some kind of mass psychosis in which even the least amount of independent thinking has become so hard that you think you're dealing with a zombie. I... (more…)

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