JavaScript – from front-end to full stack development

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JavaScript and the English Language

JavaScript is the undisputed king of the web and there is no competitor in sight1. You can love it or hate it, but you can’t deny it’s indispensability when it comes to modern web. This despite the fact that JS lacks features present in languages like Has... (more…)

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Handling 3rd-party JavaScript with Rollup

This blog post is part of the Mixmax 2017 Advent Calendar. The previous post on December 2nd was about Mixmax’s new Sequence Picker SDK. As of this writing, Mixmax has open-sourced dozens of packages in our primary language, JavaScript. The li... (more…)

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Unworthy JavaScript Monkey?

Nowadays javascript is everywhere and you can do with it almost anything you like, be it front, back or just literally scripting. It’s also much more easier to leverage than other scripting languages: it has an expressive syntax and easy to use package ma... (more…)

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