Java’s Project Loom, Virtual Threads and Structured Concurrency

In this podcast Ron Pressler, technical lead for Project Loom at Oracle, sat down with InfoQ podcast co-host Charles Humble to discuss the project and its forerunner Quasar. Topics include the differences between concurrency and parallelism; what virtual… Read more


Revisiting Java in 2021 – Part 1

With many excellent languages to choose from on the JVM, where does Java itself fit in 2021? If you haven't been keeping an eye on Java, what have you missed? Is Java still a viable, modern option when programming on the JVM? (more…)

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The Cost of Java’s EnumSet

It’s been about a decade since I last worked in Java and much has changed. I thought I’d brush up by re-reading Effective Java by Joshua Bloch which has since received a new edition. It was once my guiding star for Java. However, after an additional decad... (more…)

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