Java Advent: Way to Prevent Java Persistence and Hibernate Performance Issues

Author: Vlad Mihalcea I work as a Hibernate Developer Advocate, I wrote the High-Performance Java Persistence book and video course series. I speak at conferences and I created several open-source projects, like FlexyPool, hibernate-types, and db-util. Tw… Read more


State of Gradle Java 9 Support

This post provides an overview of Gradle’s Java 9 support, touching on runtime, cross-compilation, MRJARs, and Jigsaw modules support. We’ve fielded lots of questions since Java 9 was released last month, and decided it best to answer here. (more…)

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The Vector API: SIMD Programming in Java

The Vector API enables developers to write platform-agnostic, data-parallel programs where single instructions operate on multiple data (SIMD). Get an introduction to Vector API, learn how it was implemented, and view examples of data-parallel programs. H... (more…)

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