JanusGraph: TitanDB Fork Announced by Expero, Google, GRAKN.AI, Hortonworks, IBM

As a company, we take great pride in supporting the open source movement — from contributing to open source communities to offering our own open source technology: GRAKN.AI. GRAKN.AI itself depends……


Is China Beating America to AI Supremacy?

Beijing is not just trying to master artificial intelligence—it is succeeding. AI will have as transformative an impact on commerce and national security over the next two decades as semiconductors, computers and the web have had over the past quarter cen... (more…)

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Stanford’s AI Index How Much Is BS?

Stanford University’s AI index offers us fanciful measures of the triumph of AI, rivaling the far-fetched metrics of dot-com commerce. The reality has been the opposite. For decades, U.S. productivity grew by about 3% a year. Then, after 1970, it slowed t... (more…)

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