Is Rust C++-fast? Benchmarking system languages on everyday routines

Rust is a relatively new system programming language that has been
experiencing a rapid adoption in the past 10 years. Rust incorporates a memory
ownership model enforced at a compile time. Since this model involves zero
runtime overhead, programs written… Read more


Rust is NFG. Try again in 2030

These conclusions are generally met with a variation of the motte-and-bailey argument, i.e. that Rust has an "unsafe" mode where all the manageable evils of C are permitted, albeit with back-to-front declaration syntax, semantically significant scoping[-1... (more…)

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Rust Shell Commands I Wish I Knew Earlier

Shell is the essential tool for every programmer. The more familiar you become with the available tools, the more efficient you can be with using your computer. Here's a list of command-line tools written in Rust that aim to provide modern, often much fas... (more…)

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