Investigating MD5 Overheads in Java

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The Arrival of Java 16

Further demonstrating Java’s path of continued innovation, Oracle is proud to announce the general availability of Java 16 representing the sixth feature release as part of the six-month cadence. This level of predictability allows developers to more easi... (more…)

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Seeing Register Allocation Working in Java

When the Java Virtual Machine compiles your Java code to machine code, one of the jobs it needs to do is to decide where to store Java local variables and other similar temporary values. Your machine has no concept of local variables, so during compilatio... (more…)

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How to “Rock Paper Scissors” in Java

The challenge Let’s play Rock Paper Scissors! You have to return which player won! In case of a draw return Draw!. Examples: The rules of the game Rock Paper Scissors The rules of the game Rock Paper Scissors is quite simple. Rock beats scissors, scissors... (more…)

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