Intro to Swift 3

It’s Here! So you’ve been wanting to get into iOS development? Well, now’s the best time to get in. With the introduction of Swift, creating iPhone, Apple Watch, and MacOS apps has never been easier. In this tutorial, I will go over the Swift langua…


Building a Site in Swift with Publish

This site was written in Swift. Yes, the same language iOS apps are written in. Continue reading to learn how you too can create a site like this one using a framework called Publish. We'll go from setting up the command line tool and creating the site, a... (more…)

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Swift Distributed Actors

Since @_marker isn't (I believe) intended for use in user code, I think the situation is somewhat different. Implicit in the "underscored language features may be removed at any time" policy is that we won't break the source compatibility promise, so to t... (more…)

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