Interview with Toby Unwin on His AI and Big Data Startup in Litigation

Listen to the second episode of #TechFoundersTalk, ByteAnt podcast series with successful entrepreneurs and tech founders. Our special guest is Toby Unwin, a tech entrepreneur, writer, co-founder, and CIO at Read more


The demand for AI skills in the labour market

Artificial intelligence will transform job tasks and occupations. This column uses data from US online job postings during 2010–2019 to show how absolute and relative demand for AI-related skills has grown across all industry sectors and occupation groups... (more…)

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Why CLINQ will focus on AI in the future

“How can we make people more productive who phone a lot ?” We often ask ourselves this question – not just for CLINQ, but also for our other products at sipgate. However, the answer is different for each individual product. While our existing products hav... (more…)

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