Interview with a Senior Rust Developer [video]

Rust programming languageInterview with a Rust developer with Jester Hartman – aired on © The Rust.Find more Rust opinions under:Full version on paah.vhx.tvP… Read more


C isn’t a hangover and Rust isn’t a cure

A few weeks ago, I got a bit miffed reading yet another article that was too dismissive about memory safety, basically being mostly dismissive about the need for change. The following weekend, I started seeing flippant responses from security luminaries, ... (more…)

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Rust Ray Tracer, an Update (and SIMD)

About a month ago I ported my C99 ray tracer side project to Rust. The initial port went smoothly, and I’ve now been plugging away adding features and repeatedly rewriting it in my spare hours. In parallel I’m getting up to speed on a large, production Ru... (more…)

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