Intertwingling the Tiddlywiki with Erlang [video]

Ted Nelson, who coined the term “”Hypertext”” also coined the lesser known word “”Intertwingled”” – this captures the idea that all there is is knowledge which is tangled up and linked together in a myriad of complex ways. Read more


Erlang NOTP: a middle way

I’ve always considered Erlang to be an excellent general purpose programming language. With that, the one-off projects that aren’t systems or servers always had the bloat of OTP, and never felt right. (more…)

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Yanni sings (Erlang)

When one is coming from Erlang, and sees an artificial neural network diagram/topology, one cannot help but see the 1-to-1 mapping between the Erlang concurrency model, and neural networks; it’s almost eerie. (more…)

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