Integrating Google’s AutoDraw AI API with Angular

In this post I’ll explain you how to integrate Google’s AutoDraw AI API with Angular through Canvas. AutoDraw is a Google’s AI experiment they launched few weeks ago which allows you to draw or at least to doodle anything you’d like to draw and then throu… Read more


Buzzfeed trains an AI to find spy planes

Last year, Buzzfeed broke the story that US law enforcement agencies were using small aircraft to observe points of interest in US cities, thanks to analysis of public flight-records data. With the data journalism team no doubt realizing that the Flightra... (more…)

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Mastering StarCraft with AI

Researchers from Alibaba and University College London developed a deep learning-based system that learned how to execute a number of strategies for the popular real-time strategy game StarCraft. (more…)

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