Indentation is the enemy: Writing less complex JavaScript

I’ve been working a lot with a legacy code-base lately. And this one is particularly troublesome. It has all the hallmarks of a rush job. The code is brittle. There are no tests. Things often seem to break at random. And to my embarrassment, I wrote mos…


Honest advice for JavaScript developers

Modern JavaScript is considered hard Have you noticed the abundance of tutorials, introductions and guides devoted to post-ES6 JavaScript? All these conferences, workshops, bootcamps where you get a chance to learn about async/await or Redux? The books an... (more…)

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A little bit of plain JavaScript can do a lot

I’ve never worked as a professional frontend developer, so even though I’ve been writing HTML/CSS/JS for 15 years for little side projects, all of the projects have been pretty small, sometimes I don’t write any Javascript for years in between, and I ofte... (more…)

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