Improving on Types: Specing a Java Library

Good application developers use existing libraries rather than reinventing
every wheel. This is particularly true on the JVM, where there are a huge
number of wheels to choose from. So in addition to writing good code,
developers need be able to ass… Read more


Fibers, Go routines in Java

Project Loom's mission is to make it easier to write, debug, profile and maintain concurrent applications meeting today's requirements. Threads, provided by Java from its first day, are a natural and convenient concurrency construct (putting aside the sep... (more…)

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Java 10 Could Bring Upgraded Lambdas

A new JEP proposes enhancements to lambda functionality, including better disambiguation, use of the underscore for unused parameters, and shadowing of outer variables. Although these changes would bring lambdas in Java closer to other languages', the com...

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