Impressive Python asynch web app performance with pypy: latest benchmarks

Hello everyone, Since Mozilla announced funding , we’ve been working quite hard on delivering you a working P ython 3.5.   We are … Read more


Python Community Interview with Anthony Shaw

In this interview, we talk with Anthony Shaw, global senior vice president for talent transformation and innovation at NTT Ltd. We discuss a variety of topics, including Python security, advice for beginner developers, his love for the beach, and his new ... (more…)

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Python 3 Module of the Week – PyMOTW 3

PyMOTW-3 is a series of articles written by Doug Hellmann to demonstrate how to use the modules of the Python 3 standard library. It is based on the original PyMOTW series, which covered Python 2.7. See About Python Module of the Week for details includi... (more…)

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