Implementing a key-value store, part 2: Linear Hashing implementation in Rust

In the last post, I introduced the idea of linear
hashing. This post will describe a Rust implementation of the
algorithm. I won’t go through every last line of code, but hopefully
enough to give you a good understanding of how the whole thing
works. I sh… Read more


Rust’s 2017 roadmap, six months in

In January of this year, we adopted the 2017 Rust Roadmap, which laid out our plans for 2017. As part of the roadmap process, we plan to regularly release updates on the progress of each roadmap item. This post marks the halfway point through the year. (more…)

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Announcing Rust 1.14

The Rust team is happy to announce the latest version of Rust, 1.14.0. Rust is a systems programming language focused on safety, speed, and concurrency.

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