Implementing a key-value store, part 2: Linear Hashing implementation in Rust

In the last post, I introduced the idea of linear
hashing. This post will describe a Rust implementation of the
algorithm. I won’t go through every last line of code, but hopefully
enough to give you a good understanding of how the whole thing
works. I sh… Read more


24 days of Rust – clap

clap is a fantastic Rust library for Command Line Argument Parsing. It's both easy to use and powerful - in the spirit of Rust philosophy - you get what you pay for. Simple CLI options are simple to define, while complex schemes (think git level of comple...

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Want to join the Rust docs team?

One of Rust’s major goals this year is to provide mentoring at all levels of the project. This is a goal I’m very on-board with. There’s lots of ways to get involved with Rust, but I’d like to talk about the bit I’m most involved in:... | Steve Klabnik | ... (more…)

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