Implementing a key-value store, part 2: Linear Hashing implementation in Rust

In the last post, I introduced the idea of linear
hashing. This post will describe a Rust implementation of the
algorithm. I won’t go through every last line of code, but hopefully
enough to give you a good understanding of how the whole thing
works. I sh… Read more


Abstracting over mutability in Rust

It is common to see the statement that “Rust cannot abstract over mutability”. Indeed, many functions in the standard library have an immutable and a mutable variant, e.g. RefCell::borrow() and RefCell::borrow_mut(). However, in some cases, such as...

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How Rust is tested

Rust is a systems programming language with massive ambitions. It is designed for creating the most reliable software, from the tiniest embedded systems to multi-million line behemoths, and its users need to have confidence that it is fit for purpose. (more…)

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