Implement your own source transformation AD with Julia

I wrote a blog post about how to implement your own (operator overloading based) automatic differentiation (AD) in one day (actually 3 hrs) last year. AD looks like magic sometimes, but I’m going to t… Read more


NY Fed – Forecasting with Julia

A little more than a year ago, in this post, we announced DSGE.jl—a package for working with dynamic stochastic general equilibrium (DSGE) models using Julia, the open-source computing language. At that time, DSGE.jl contained only the code required to sp... (more…)

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Running Julia on an Android Device

A few days ago I was bored. The only good cure I know of boredom is smashing things together to see if they can work together. This incidentally is also why I love Julia, composability is a stated primary goal. I’ve smashed julia packages together before,... (more…)

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So you want to be a wizard – Julia Evans

Today I did the opening keynote at SRECon. This talk was a little less technical than my normal talks: instead of talking about tools like tcpdump (though tcpdump makes an appearance!), I wanted to talk about how to make a career where you’re constantly l... (more…)

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