Impacket v0.9.22 Python classes for working with network protocolsReleased

Hi everyone! I’m Leandro (@0xdeaddood), a researcher at SecureAuth’s Innovation Labs and one of the primary maintainers of Impacket, our collection of Python classes for working with network protocols, and I’m very pleased to announce a new release of thi… Read more


Explaining Packaging in Python

If you’ve done much Python development you’re probably familiar with importing dependencies using pip, or even easy_install, if you’ve been at this for awhile. Whether you were aware of it or not… (more…)

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Building a Key-value database in Python

Introduction In this tutorial, we’ll walk through building a key-value database in python. The design is based entirely off of the bitcask project, with a few simplifications. The database will support 3 operations: PUT GET DELETE Here’s a sneak peek of... (more…)

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