I wrote a free book for kids learning JavaScript

Real coding for complete beginners. Join Matthew MacDonald, author of too-many-tech-books-to-count, as he enters the world of JavaScript—accompanied by friendly ninjas, cheating goblins, and at least one rude wizard.Develop your skills with 35 interactive… Read more


Handling Custom Events in JavaScript

JavaScript is full of events. They are one of the most important features of this language. There are many already existing, built-in events we can use. The most popular probably are: click, mousemove, keyup, change, submit, etc. The full list you can fin... (more…)

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The Illusion That We Are Writing JavaScript

On this week's episode, we reminisce about a gentler time in which we would have a fun idea, create a new directory, and immediately start coding. To this end, Paul has started working on an open source web server environment, webserv, to handle some path... (more…)

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