I Grew Up in the Rust Belt, but I’m Not in Any of the Stories About It

It’s strange to see the media turn its attention to places like my hometown in coal-country Pennsylvania and find that my experience there, as part of the non-white working class, is still invisible.


What’s a reference in Rust?

Hello! Recently I am trying to learn Rust (because I am going to do a project in Rust, and to do that I need to learn Rust better). I’ve written a few hundred lines of Rust over the last 4 years, but I’m honestly still pretty bad at Rust and so my goal is... (more…)

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Rust RFC: Structural Records

🖼️ Rendered 📝 Summary Introduce structural records of the form { foo: 1u8, bar: true } of type { foo: u8, bar: bool } into the language. Another way to understand these sorts of objects is to think... (more…)

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