Hy: Lisp Dialect Embedded in Python

Hy is a Lisp dialect that’s embedded in Python. Since Hy transforms its Lisp
code into Python abstract syntax tree (AST) objects, you have the whole
beautiful world of Python at your fingertips, in Lisp form. Read more


Scraping Flight Data with Python

Note:  The code for this project can be found in this github repo. I have been building a new project that requires the prices of flights.  I looked for APIs but couldn’t find any that were f…

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PyPy: Faster Python with Minimal Effort

In this tutorial, you'll learn how you can use PyPy to improve the speed of your applications. You'll see how PyPy compares with other Python implementations like CPython and learn about features that you can use to gain significant performance boosts wit... (more…)

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