How We Built TwilioQuest with Django, Vue.js, and Sync

Learn how Twilio built the gamified training experience TwilioQuest using Python, Django, Wagtail, Vue.js, and Twilio Sync. Ready player 1! Read more


Towards (Django) Channels 2.0

It's been around three years since I came up with the current Channels design - that of pushing everything over a networked "channel layer" and strictly separating protocol handling and business logic - and while it's generally working well for people, I ... (more…)

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Tips to optimize your Django SQL queries

When you first start with Django you will probably find the ORM to be an amazing feature. I agree with that, but the issue with ORMs is that it is too easy to forget that at the end the ORM generate SQL queries. Django has no way to optimize those … (more…)

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