How Traders and Economists Are Using Julia

Seven years ago, four individuals came together to create a fast and expressive programming language to compete with the likes of R, Matlab, Python and about three dozen other dynamic tools. Their work gave birth to the Julia programming language. Anthony…


Generating 1B Fake People with Julia

In a recent MotherDuck blog post, the author generated 1 billion fake people records using Python in order to analyze the data with DuckDB. I suspect the point of the article was to showcase how awesome duckdb is at handling large amounts of local data, b... (more…)

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Updating Views in Julia’s Dataframes.jl

Today I want to preview a feature that will be introduced in 1.3 release of DataFrames.jl. We will talk about new ways of updating the columns of a data frame, when one is working with views. My objective is to explain the rationale behind the new functio... (more…)

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