How to Steal an AI (reverse engineer machine-learning)

Researchers show how they can reverse engineer and reconstruct someone else’s machine learning engine—using machine learning.


AI was taught to run

Participants of the largest artificial intelligence conference NIPS 2017 were training artificial neural networks to control a simulated human body with the ... (more…)

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AI Applications Virtual Summit 2020

AI Applications Virtual Summit 2020 will take place on September 17 - 18, 2020 online. Find out more about AI Applications Virtual Summit 2020 and discover the best artificial intelligence and machine learning event alternatives. (more…)

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Complexity no Bar to AI

Critics of AI risk suggest diminishing returns to computing (formalized asymptotically) means AI will be weak; this argument relies on a large number of questionable premises and ignoring additional resources, constant factors, and nonlinear returns to sm... (more…)

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