How to Publish Your Vue.js Component on NPM

Have you made a cool VueJS component you want to share with the world? Learn how to package it so it’s ready to be published to NPM. I’ll show you how to configure Webpack so your component is useable in a variety of development environments. Read more


What’s New in Vue 3

VueJS is one of the hottest frameworks in frontend development right now, doubling its weekly download rate in 2019. The release of Vue3 early in 2020 should only increase its popularity. (more…)

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StyleCI support for Vue.js

Happy 2018! We're kicking off the year with support for Vue.js! That's right, we can now automatically fix code style in .vue files, available right now in our private beta. Our beta now adds support for the following languages: JavaScript Typescript Flow... (more…)

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