How to Build an Angular App Once and Deploy It to Multiple Environments

In my last projects, we always had the same requirement: Build the application once and deploy the same build fragment to multiple environments. This leads to some technical challenges, as we need to be able to inject environment-specific information to o… Read more


AngularJS to Angular App Migration

The development of web apps consists of many structured steps that lead to the final result. One of the main steps is choosing a suitable framework. In this article, we will talk about AngularJS and its latest version Angular. What is the difference betwe... (more…)

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Angular Signals – RFC

RFC: Angular Signals Authors: @alxhub, @atscott, @dylhunn, @jelbourn, @pkozlowski-opensource Area: Angular Framework Posted: April 3, 2023 Status: Open (this is the main RFC document, which links t... (more…)

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