How Rust Helps You Prevent Bugs

If you have ever written a program of any scale before, you may have run into bugs. Tiny mistakes that you made while writing that screw up the execution of your program. The more complex your program gets, the higher the chance of bugs slipping in! Read more


Optimizing a Sudoku Solver in Rust

Sudoku Solvers I enjoy writing sudoku solvers and improving them as a way to learn a new language (Rust, in this case). They aren’t too large in scale, but are complex enough to expose you to a good amount of langauge features. They also can be iterated o... (more…)

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Rust on ESP32

I recently got my hands on an ESP32 microcontroller for hacking purpose and successfully ran Rust code on it 🦀 Installing the tools First, you need to download and install the prebuilt binaries of the Rust and LLVM compiler forks by Espressif or follow y... (more…)

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