How Games Have Driven Two Schools of AI Research

Today, AI based on deep learning and neural networks is taking the world by storm. However, many of the algorithms that guide our web searches and driving directions today are much older, rooted in what people now call “Good, Old Fashioned AI,” also known… Read more


Tesla doesn’t need degree for AI team

Elon Musk is recruiting for his AI team at Tesla, and he says education is "irrelevant." The team members will report "directly" to Musk and "meet/email/text" with Musk "almost every day." Musk will also throw a "super fun" party at his house with the Tes... (more…)

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Why Solve Games with AI?

While artificial intelligence agents defeating human competitors in popular games is nothing new, recent benchmarks have evolved at a rate and extent that is truly remarkable. In the past, we’ve seen computers beat the world chess champion [1], defeat Jeo... (more…)

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