How Diesel autogenerates a Rust API from a database schema

In this guide we’re going to look at what exactly infer_schema!, infer_table_from_schema!, and table! do. For table!, we will show a simplified version of the actual code that gets generated, and explain how each piece is relevant to you. If you’ve ever b… Read more


Rust Language Server Alpha 2 Release

Today, we’re happy to announce the second alpha for the Rust Language Server, a project build to bring high-quality Rust IDE support to any IDE or editor. This release brings new features, better stability, and an easier installation than the first alpha... (more…)

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Rust for real time audio analysis

Previously I wrote a small post (now unpublished, it was quite boring) about finding the smallest possible opening for introducing Rust into production use. In that case, Rust's place was quite minor; just the small script-like snippet for updating the in... (more…)

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