Handling Email with Emacs

Like many other people, I write, receive and loath a lot of email. Writing it goes something like this: Create a new draft, figure out the right address to put into the To: field, write “Hi <fir… Read more


Emacs is available on Chromebook and Chrome

Are you a Chromebook user or thinking of becoming one? Are you a die-hard Emacser who needs to see it run even in your browser for no good reason (no judgement)? Either way, Emacs has you covered. Thanks to the efforts of Pete Williamson (and friends), t... (more…)

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Peek definition with Emacs frame

In many IDEs, peek definition is a feature that opens a definition (of a function, a class, a symbol, etc) in a popup window without leaving the current buffer. Most of the time, jumping into a definition, then jump back, is enough, so why bother leaving... (more…)

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