Guide to Fault Tolerant and Load Balanced AWS Docker Deployment on ECS

Table of Contents: Overview Setting Up Our Docker Image Pushing Our Docker Image to AWS ECR and Setting up the ECS Cluster Creating the IAM Roles Configuring Security Groups for Our ECS Container Instances and Application Load Balancer Defining the Launch…


Kontena Stacks for Docker

Traditionally in application development, developers can use third-party components and libraries that implement some specific features instead of implementing those features by themselves. With containers it's not so straightforward. Of course you can us...

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Getting started with Docker and Node.js

Today we are going to continue on and "dockerize" our Node.js API that we created in a previous post. This will keep a consistent and deployable API that scales easily. "Hitmen for your product, we take care of the stuff your team can't" Email... (more…)

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