grpc-rust: Rust implementation of gRPC

grpc-rust – Rust implementation of gRPC (not ready yet)…


Rust for Clojure Programmers

You already write software in Clojure. It pays your bills. You enjoy it. You're in an industry reaping disproportionate benefit from loose money policies, leading to a trend-chasing culture of overpaid nerds making web apps. You feel guilty about this, bu...

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Cell, RefCell, and Interior Mutability in Rust

In my self study of Rust, I’ve run into concepts that are different than anything else I’ve seen in other languages, and have had a hard time wrapping my head around. The purpose and usage of Cell and RefCell is one of those concepts. I said to myself, “w... (more…)

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Algoritmics with Rust

Hello, today we are going to talk about Algoritmics! “Algoritmics? Is it eatable?” Hell no, or only by your brain. Before speaking about algoritmics, let’s talk about algorithm. A… (more…)

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